you have reached the training site of writing guru adrian macleod

learn to write like a dreambecause that can make you really coolinnovative learning to help you take great leaps forward

create • engage • explain

imagine being able to deliver that killer punch with your writingchange people's minds with just a keyboard – imagine thatconnect with readers like never beforeyou don't have to imagine – you can do it. learn how

how to be cool

it's a little like a training course but more fun, more engaging, more useful

write course

learning should be a personal experience, don't you think? So everything is tailored to are some ideas from our foundation learning

learn to enchant

engage, delight, bewitch audiences with ideas expressed a one-day course, learn a whole new approach to writing

learn to impact

punch above your weight with clever techniquesdrive ideas into action

learn to campaign

become the driving force behind campaigns, publications, writing projectsemphasise key ideas and build momentum

learn more

• internal communications
• news writing
• journalism
• press releases
• social media
• ... and more

make it happen

learn how to make it happen. Get in touch and let me kmow what you want to achieve. groups of four or five preferred. your place or somewhere that suits. single day or timings that work for you. take the next step and let me know you are interested

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